For nearly two decades, Millennium Corporation has been operating on the leading edge of cybersecurity. Our elite team of more than 300 experts has an unparalleled record of performance supporting Red Team Operations, Defensive Cyber Operations, Software Engineering, and Technical Engineering. With the largest contingent of contracted Red Team operators in the DoD, we provide an unmatched level of threat intelligence and battle-tested experience for customers in both the DoD and federal civilian markets.

Millennium is delivering the Competitive Advantage


Cyber Operations

The Millennium Red Team is the largest contingent of contracted Red Team operators in the DoD, supporting 6 of the 11 certified Red Teams with sustained continued Red Team growth and support to DoD for over 12 years and over 1,000+ cyber events executed.  In the last two years, the Millennium Red Team has executed 60% of ALL Red Team Operations for high stakes military systems in CONUS and OCONUS environments establishing an unmatched credibility in OSD and the Army.

MILSPEC Full-Spectrum Capabilities  |  Red Teaming | Penetration Testing | Adversarial Assessments | Network Exploitation | Reverse Engineering | Exploitation Development | OSINT/Cyber Intelligence | Web Application Security | Critical Infrastructure Security  | Embedded Systems | Cloud and Mobile Security | Tactical Technology Testing | Serial Data Bus Analysis | Physical Security Testing | Proprietary Protocol Analysis | Network Traffic Analysis |  All Source Intelligence | Threat Research & Development

Millennium Threat Informatics™ is the analytical field that studies and applies the effective uses of threat intelligence data, network heuristics, and defensive knowledge for security awareness, predictive cyber threat intelligence, and prioritized decision making, driving toward improved mission risk.

Defensive Cyber Services

Millennium’s approach to cyber defense is combining our offensive infused mentality with powerful analytical technology to drive informed mission risk insights. We blend industry leading adversarial threat intelligence with aggressive defensive capabilities to provide a foundation that supports leaders with key information when decisions must be made and every second counts.

Malware Analysis | Security Operation Center (SOC) | Cyber Hunt | Incident Response | Digital Forensics | Insider Threat | Cyber Data Analytics | Cyber Intelligence | Mission Resiliency

Cyber Operations Training

Not only do we retain the largest contingent of contracted Red Team Operators in the DoD, WE CREATE THEM.

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Understanding and emulating how our adversaries accomplish high-profile attacks is the cornerstone of this Apprenticeship program. Featuring two unique certifications (Apprentice and Journeyman), this course is founded on realistic attack tactics and techniques used in real-world malicious attacks. Certification tests always consist of hands-on operating in a realistic virtual network. Student certification attempts are audited thoroughly to ensure that students master a firm understanding of offensive tools and proper operation tradecraft.

This Apprenticeship Program was developed and is taught by instructors that have over 20 years of combined experience performing actual Red Team assessments against a diverse set of targets, both in DOD and commercial environments. It leverages the same methodology and training our 30+ Millennium Red Team Operators utilize in overcoming some of the most advanced defensive capabilities encountered in the field. Students will learn the same topics we instill in all of our red team operator workforce, to prepare them for their career in emulating nation-state level cyber threats.

Each cyber operations team has unique capabilities and operating procedures. Leveraging our proven Red Team Apprenticeship Program, Millennium can create a tailored cyber operations training program that is built specifically for your organization. Our tailored training program is founded on our cyber operations body of knowledge and amended to include specific customer tactics, techniques, tools and procedures. This eliminates the burden of creating from scratch an internal Red Team operator training program and implements an easy-to-track training framework that is created in realistic Red Team operations.

This training framework has been customized and deployed to numerous customers and offers a complete full-spectrum Red Team training solution that provides an organization the ability to create and enforce a standard for all cyber operators.

Software Engineering

Millennium’s Software Engineering strategy ties industry-leading software processes to our internal methodology. We incorporate formal SecDevOps methodologies into the strategy, integrating fully functional code repositories and branching strategies, build automation, peer reviews with static code analysis and other security review processes, and automated deployment and packaging.

At the foundation of our SecDevOps strategy is a solid DevOps process: improving the performance of software development operations by involving the development team and the operations team in one process. Although DevOps increases the frequency of deployments, in turn helping to service the customers’ needs faster, it introduces more potential to disregard or bypass security design. This is where Security, the “Sec” in SecDevOps, comes into play. Incorporating the security aspect into the DevOps process allows deployments to be released to the customer quickly while greatly minimizing the risk of security vulnerabilities being introduced into the code base.

Product Development | DevSecOps | Rapid Prototyping | PaaS/Saas/IaaS | IaC | Cloud Engineering | Data Science | Data Engineering | Offensive Tool Development

Technical / Systems Engineering

We guide the Systems Engineering efforts for some of the most complex products used in support of our military services. Our approach provides a unified and integrated solution to systems engineering that results in the synchronization of the overall systems development process, while effectively navigating the many interdependencies and relationships inherent in the process. We support the entire system lifecycle including Acquisition Strategy, Requirements Definition, Risk Management, Architecture Design, Software System Development, Test and Evaluation, and Sustainment.

Millennium has supported numerous critical defense systems: Army Enterprise IT as a Service, Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A); DoD Automated Biometrics Information System (ABIS); Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS); Ground Surveillance Radars; Base Expeditionary Targeting & Surveillance Systems-Combined (BETSS-C); Navy Sea Warrior; Air Force Tactical Data Links and the future Light Attack Aircraft.

NIST | FISMA | RMF | Software Assurance | Design Verification | Network Administration | IT Administration | System Administration | Knowledge Management


Millennium Corporation maintains a commitment to excellence in all that we do. We deliver value to our customers by offering a network of agile and versatile contract vehicles as a prime contractor and as a partner. Our access to a broad portfolio of contract vehicles and partners sets the standard for excellence – spanning the lifecycle of professional services.