NAVAIR When you partner with Millennium, you’ll have access to our Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Cyber Warfare Detachment (CWD) contract which provides access to the following opportunities:

End Date: September 21, 2018

Awarding Agency: Navy – Naval Air Systems Command

Contract Ceiling: N/A

The NAVAIR Cyber Warfare Detachment (CWD) has established a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with Millennium Corporation to obtain expertise and technical assistance. The CWD coordinates all cyberspace-related acquisition activities within the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE). CWD acquisitions address both deliberate, urgent, and
emergent “rapid response” warfighting needs. Deliberate requirements typically originate from statutory, regulatory and policy mandates and Program of Record. Urgent and emergent “rapid response” requirements are typically generated by the Unified Combatant Commanders and their subordinate Component Commands and manifest as both formal and informal urgent needs. Gaps in capabilities arise from a rapidly changing operational environment and the emergence of unanticipated and accelerated threats; Cyber Warfare represents the most rapid form of warfare and will require a highly responsive acquisition capability.

Functional Scope:
Millennium Corporation provides supplies and services required by the NAVAIR CWD to rapidly research, develop, mature, procure, integrate train, support and sustain cyber resilient and full spectrum cyber warfighting capabilities for platforms, weapons, sensors, communications and networks, computing systems, mission systems, support equipment, logistics and maintenance systems and ashore and afloat enterprise systems. These solutions are needed to support all phases of acquisition programs, operational field demonstrations, prototyping, experiments, operational assessments, extended user evaluations, and fleet/force deployments. Additionally, these supplies and services are required to meet critical gaps in the Air-to-Air Warfare (AAW) Strike Warfare (STW), Surface Warfare (SUW), Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Expeditionary and Amphibious Warfare (EXW/AMW), Irregular Warfare (IW), Electromagnetic Warfare (EMW), Offensive and Cyber Operations (OCO) and Information Warfare (IW) including non-kinetic cyber warfare effects and kinetic effects.

NAVAIR CWD requirements are grouped into Industry Pools that align with BOA holders’ industrial capabilities. Millennium Corporation is authorized to support requirements solicited to the following Industry Pools:

  • Pool #1: System definition, architecture development
  • Pool #2: Risk assessments and assessment methods
  • Pool #3: Cyber workforce training
  • Pool #4: Cyber penetration testing and penetration tool development
  • Pool #5: Protection solutions and systems integration services
  • Pool #6: Full spectrum operational cyber warfare support

Task Order Types: Firm-Fixed, Cost-Reimbursement

Our Point of Contact:
Erica Jennings