Being Results Driven and People Focused is more than just a motto, it’s our commitment to our employees, our customers and our partners.  We build intimate relationships with people to be a catalyst for meaningful change.  We take time to listen, our door is always open and we care.  We care about the needs of our employees, our customers and our partners and operate as a bridge to translate those needs.

After twelve years of dynamic growth, we always remember our humble beginnings and the people who believed in us along the way from our first few employees, to our first contract award.

Over the years, our team has grown and so has our responsibility.  We carefully select employees to represent our brand and partners who compliment our brand. At Millennium Corporation, our handshake and commitment has meaning, and ingenuity and intimacy are a way of life.  We cherish our relationships and the significance of what we have been able to accomplish together.

Today, we stand strong with an elite Board of Advisors, ISO certified processes, a diverse customer base, and a top-notch partner network (Millennium Partner Network) and a Dun & Bradstreet rating of 92%.

We take time to celebrate our accomplishments including our numerous awards and recognition.

Whether you are an employee, a customer or a partner, you are bound to feel the difference of The Millennium Experience.