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Millennium Announced as Finalist for 2015 Helios HR Apollo Awards!

Millennium Corporation has once again been named a finalist for the Helios Apollo Awards! The Helios Apollo Awards recognize Washington-area organizations that have outstanding employee development and engagement initiatives. This marks the second year in a row Millennium has been named a finalist. Check out our media page here for the full press release. The winners will be announced May 27th at the annual Helios Apollo Awards Breakfast Ceremony.

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Metrics Based Performance

Real, measured results to prove our continued success with clients.

One of our core founding values at Millennium is our commitment as a people focused and results driven organization. To assure the quality of our solutions, we need to be able to measure our performance at regular intervals. We employ sophisticated performance metrics to provide us with a snapshot at any given moment of how we are doing with all of our company stakeholders. Following our proven process methodology, we can measure our deliverables and make realistic projections for future results.

We can also judge the effectiveness of any client project at any given time, by comparing actual performance against customer requirements and value. We apply performance metrics to assess the health and viability of a project, utilizing key quantifiable factors based on time, cost, resources, scope, quality and actions.

Our DAWIA/PMI certified Project Managers ensure that jobs are running within their estimated time frame and allocated budget; that neither Millennium employees or customers are over-dedicating resources to one project area and neglecting another. Performance based metrics are vital in ensuring that a project remains within a manageable size and scope for its dedicated resources and that, above all, the results are beneficial and the returns favorable.

Developing a system of performance based metrics typically involves establishing critical processes and customer requirements – for some this may be data presented in a dashboard of instantly recognizable information; for others a more in-depth spreadsheet style of presentation. We then establish targets and milestones of where a project should be at various intervals during its calculated lifecycle. This helps us achieve our original goals and get straight to the root of any deviations.

At Millennium, we have developed a variety of contingency plans to react quickly to metric performance results. We create an immediate improvement plan and continue to measure the following results until the project is back on track. Applying performance based metrics encourages improvement, effectiveness and stringent levels of control, ensuring that we deliver clients the very best service possible.