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Happy Anniversary Millennium!

Millennium Corporation celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on March 5th! Looking forward to 10 more great ones!

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Acquisition Management

Guiding you through the acquisition, milestone/documentation reviews, and maintenance of highly advanced systems.

In order to ensure that your agency is operating at peak potential, at Millennium we offer an extensive and highly personalized array of support services in the Acquisition Management arena. We advise and train you through the procurement and day to day administration of complex and advanced systems throughout their entire lifecycle. The breadth and depth of our services span the entire spectrum of Acquisition Lifecycle.

Today Millennium offers expert support to a variety of clients, enabling them to continuously monitor their systems by providing them with real time information on program status. We ensure program schedules are networked and multi layered through our integrated master schedules and configuration management techniques to provide a methodological and fail-safe process for data and communication flow. Our strong military background has instilled in us the discipline, drive and determination needed to achieve mission accomplishment every time; at Millennium we firmly believe that only the best is good enough.

Our professional and experienced staff ensures that we effectively meet the challenges facing any acquisition program by using the latest technology on the market. We apply sophisticated investigative tools such as Scope Statements, which assist in identifying project resources and vital data, including a project’s goals, time-frame period and deliverables. These invaluable tools allow you to predetermine the level of resources required and the likely scope of the project.

Once the fundamentals of resource identification have been applied, we can then estimate and manage project costs and budgeting activities. Millennium follows the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) approach, which allows us to organize and separate the project into logical sub-divisions (or “sub-projects”), that enable you to analyze project progress at an intricately detailed level. Choosing us as your Acquisition Management partner will reduce the time and resources you invest in your projects and predict potential problems before they occur.

Our array of acquisition support service includes:

  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
  • Milestone Reviews
  • Acquisition Documents
  • Day-to-day operations
  • Requirements Management/JCIDS