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Come out to TECHEXPO’s Cyber Security Hiring Event and Stop By Our Booth!

Looking for a job in the cyber security space? Millennium will be hosting a booth at next week’s TECHEXPO Cyber Security Hiring Event on Thursday, April 30. The event will present a venue for some of the area’s top cyber engineering, technology and intelligence professionals to network and interact face to face with prospective companies. Be sure to stop by our booth to meet our team, pick up an autographed copy of our Director of Cybersecurity’s book - RTFM (Red Team Field Manual), test your skills, apply for open positions, and leave part of the Millennium family!

If interested in attending, please contact our recruiting lead, Natasha Wormley at Natasha.wormley@millgroupinc.com.

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Earned Value Management

Tracking program performance from initiation to completion.

Another key service in the Project Management area, Millennium Corporation has extensive experience in providing Earned Value Management to our clients. By applying some of the most sophisticated tools available, Earned Value allows managers to monitor program performance from start to finish. Through the availability of performance-based details necessary to evaluate contractor performance, executives can effectively forecast and plan their program budgets.

At Millennium we implement Earned Value Management (EVM) as a standard integrated Program Management tool, applicable to both internal and external program efforts. We successfully apply EVM to manage schedules, contain costs and, to assist our clients with risk mitigation, potential problems are highlighted by the system and recommendations for alternative strategies are provided.

The fully integrated EVM service has evolved into a highly prized management solution and has come to be regarded by program managers as an invaluable prediction and forecasting tool. EVM relates time-phased budgets to specific tasks, which are then identified within a statement of work.  Critical information indicating work progress is produced and our diligent professionals assist clients to translate the data according to cost, schedule, and technical accomplishment. Backed up by some of the most trusted names in the industry, you can be sure that this data is always valid, timely, and auditable.

At Millennium, we are acutely aware of the importance of evaluating your work processes at every step of the way. Managers need to know what is going on with their projects at all times. It is vital that they are not only continuously updated on elements of the mix that are running efficiently, but also that they are afforded the opportunity to correct wayward components that may be hindering performance in the production chain. Our EVM service allows managers to measure work and accountability for performance and accomplishments and perform variance analyses on major items, such as critical path or large dollar impacts.

This state-of-the-art investigative tool enables the conduction of risk identification, mitigation, and quality assurance necessary to ensure that all technical, cost, and schedule baselines are achieved. What’s more, as with every one of our innovative, industry-leading solutions, our Earned Value Management service fully complies with all internal and Government guidelines, including ANSI-748-A, OMB. You can trust in Millennium to deliver solid management solutions designed especially with your company in mind.