Procurement/Purchasing Services

While all customer service engagements are important to Millennium Corporation personnel, none can rival the importance we place on compliant procurement/purchasing services.

At Millennium we take great pride in having a certified procurement system that forms the basis of control for our procurement and purchasing service offering.   We have spent exhaustive hours in developing the necessary (ISO9001) best policy, procedure and practices as governing mandates for our personnel in performing this important function.  With our practice now in place we are proud to announce our offerings that include compliant practices in each of the following categories:

  • e-Procurement
  • Green Purchasing
  • Cooperative Purchasing
  • Procurement Professionalism
  • Procurement Reform
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Fiscal Management
  • Proposals & Bids
  • Negotiating
  • Contracts

With these offerings, our government clients can be assured the talented Millennium Corporation Team can both handle the purchase and ensure its compliant handling within the guidelines of the FAR, DFAR and/or other regulatory guidance.

In addition to our designated system and separate procurement standard operating practice, the Millennium Corporation Executive Staff has invested in establishing a Management (Functional Leads—Acquisition, Logistics, Lean Six Sigma and Information Assurance) cell exclusively chartered with the responsibility to improve customer support (Quality Control), expand service offerings and assist with pipeline business development.  The vision for this Management element includes frequent customer visits with improving efficiency foremost in mind, individual and team knowledge validations and subsequent training should an employee require additional instruction to optimize his/her service to the customer, and finally a charter to expand our business footprint in each of the designated matrix areas.  When one looks at the procurement categories above and compares them to the Matrix Management Lead personnel titles you can see that each of the Matrix personnel has an area of compliance over watch to monitor and optimize.  At Millennium we feel very strongly about having all of our personnel be very successful and thus provide optimal service to the client.

We have big plans for this matrix organization capability and are excited about providing these no-cost professional services to the benefit of all concerned. With our certified procurement system, dedicated professional personnel performing compliant purchasing and matrix management staff providing over watch, Millennium Corporation services will be professionally administered and absolutely second to none. With Millennium, our customers come to expect more; we plan to meet or exceed all expectations in taking care of our people who in turn will meet or exceed that of the customer in the support area provided.