Logistics Automation

At Millennium Corporation we understand the focus and priorities of Defense Information Technology network and in a lot of instances are former developers, fielders and/or users of many Defense/Army Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS).

We can appreciate the investment the Services have made on the systems currently used and know and understand the expansion efforts both ongoing and planned.  Our entry into the Automation services community has been from the most difficult and sophisticated end—Information Assurance.  With this as our corporate ingress, we are prepared to help the services in identifying and developing requirements to enhance future capabilities.

We see the short comings of feasible battlefield Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Automated Identification Tagging (AIT) technology and understand how to help solve these and other operational Automation issues created by the Warfighter—Contractor support environment.

In addition to AIT/RFID, we see the challenges of tracking, controlling and creating disposition for the multitude of Contractor Acquired Property (CAP) items and stand ready to reveal innovative solutions (both IT and process and procedure) to problems this equipment creates in clearing the battlefield.  From non-standard equipment items (“green” property—Service acquired) purchased to multiply the combat effectiveness of our warfighters, to helping create suitable disposition for Contractor Acquired Property (“white” property) used to support the soldiers, Millennium personnel are aware of how it was acquired, maintained and used and knows how to help the services account (Automation) for the property and maximize its disposition to the benefit of the acquiring service.

At Millennium we recognize that Automation is a combat multiplier; information is only power if properly harnessed to optimize it in service to the user.  With our offerings, the services will optimize their visibility of all important stock (both green and white property) and be better capable to make informed decisions on items like excess equipment disposition—congress commanded it in its acquisition reform mandate and a nation in recession otherwise demands it.  Millennium Corporation has the personnel to help sort out the toughest of issues.