In Theater Field Service Support

Millennium Corporation has what it takes to provide professional Logistics Field Service support to our customers.

We have invested millions in building out our corporate capabilities and have developed practices and standard operating procedures (ISO9001) to support a deployed work force.   Despite our small size, we have achieved the milestones of both a DOD certified corporate accounting and procurement systems—all in support of an extensive deployed work force.

Many of Millennium Corporations Staff Officers, Program Managers and Leaders are former Commissioned, Warrant and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers extensively familiar with running Logistics Operation Centers (LOC) and/or Emergency Operations Centers (EOC).  We are former Tech Supply (warehouse), Shop Officer (equipment repair), Supply (item manager), strategic logistics analysts, planners and muddy boots logistics executers.  We know how to acquire ship, track and receive supplies globally and professionally perform as an augmentation to an existing staff or operate independently in standing up a support element.

At Millennium we know what our customers need and we are prepared to be extremely competitive in providing Field Service Support to our clients.  We have been very busy developing concept papers that speak to our problem solving innovation and have begun our campaign of soliciting work and advertising our affordable services.  At Millennium we see the challenges of acquisition reform, limited resources and positive control—we stand ready to help our clients extend the supply chain from the factory to the foxhole.