Operational Logistics

Title 10 of the U.S. Code requires the US Army to "be organized, trained, and equipped primarily for prompt and sustained combat incident to operations on land."

In support of this mandate, the Army must operate in joint, combined, and interagency environments with logistics doctrine that links the foxhole to the industrial base.  For more than 10 years now in fighting the war against terror, our forces have employed a very diverse logistics support chain toward achieving that foxhole to industrial base link. At Millennium we have viewed Operational Logistics as a major growth industry and have acquired an unrivaled capability consisting of former Logistics Officers and DOD Civilians to offer to our clients.   We see the challenges that Contractors Authorized to Accompany the Force (CAAF) present to the combat warfighter and understand the elements of Logistics cost, flexibility, security and ultimate doctrine.

In the area of Operational Logistics, Millennium Corporation personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of factory to foxhole support provided by CAAF through the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) and other Service specific Contractor Logistics Programs.  Our professionals are SME’s in developing the Strategic Level requirements gathering and subsequent contractor delivery of Expeditionary Forward Operating Base (FOB) contracting and the subsequent conversion to sustainment contracting once the OPTEMPO and security picture allows.  Our personnel have been directly involved in helping the Army achieve the Presidential mandate for acquisition reform (created efficiencies for HQDA G43 and HQAMC ASC management practice) levied on the Defense Department.  We can meet the challenge of developing an Integrated Logistics Support Concept to streamline the logistics pipeline, develop logistics doctrine for Combat Service Support utilizing CAAF or creating visibility, supportability and/or excess disposition for the millions of items of reusable Contractor Acquired Property (CAP) items.  With Millennium you can expect innovation, imagination and problem solving far beyond that of our competitors.