DoD Acquisition Life Cycle Support

Millennium Corporation personnel understand the DoD Acquisition Life Cycle and have the capacity to meet the clients need for staff such as professional logistics analyst or Subject Matter Expert (SME) level advisor.

When it comes to Life Cycle Process and Decision Making our professionals have and understand the “System of Systems” view and the benefits this approach provide. We are fully aware of the DoD Decision Support Systems as many of our professionals are former officers that worked projects through the Requirements Generation System, Acquisition Management System and Planning, Programming, & Budgeting Systems (PPBS).  Should the acquisition program be a weapon system or Logistics

Information Technology solution our professionals know the Life Cycle Phases, decision points, and associated activities with an expertise that will make a difference.  At Millennium we understand the limitations of a resource constrained environment and our clients can count on us to lay out options that will optimize investment, reduce risk and maximize reliability—our soldier’s lives depend on it!