Lean Six Sigma

A proven, disciplined approach for organizations seeking to improve efficiency and achieve measurable results.

Millennium expertly applies the latest in Lean Six Sigma techniques to actively enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your company or organization. By meticulously identifying and correcting systemic defects we seek to minimize downtime caused by waste and variation to streamline your workload processes, ensuring that you perform better; faster; leaner.

Undoubtedly one of the single most effective and agile applications available for achieving rapid breakthrough improvements, is utilizing Lean Six Sigma which is one of Millennium’s key areas of expertise. Following a disciplined and structured approach, unequivocally focused on saving time and cost for your organization, our skilled consultants actively help reduce product or service lead time, ensuring that maximum client satisfaction is achieved.

Partnering with Millennium to revitalize your business strategy is the first step in a long-term commitment to embrace change, optimize your system output and prepare your organization for larger projects. By adopting a structured set of quality management methods, including the careful application of statistics, we create a harmonized infrastructure of employees within your organization, fully trained and awarded with the certifications they need to accomplish any project mission.

Lean Six Sigma programs innovatively apply martial arts ranking terminology to define a hierarchy within your firm, from introductory “yellow belt” titles achievable in onetime, half day courses, to advanced “master black belt” certifications. Millennium offers continued support at every stage of implementation and our highly qualified consultants thoroughly assess individual client training requirements based on the size and scope of their organization and unique project demands.

Lean Six Sigma programs follow a predetermined sequence of project stages with calculated, quantified financial targets, such as the reduction of costs and increase of profits. As a key contributor to your business’s success, Lean Six Sigma successfully smoothes out process flaws, enabling clients to achieve stable and predictable results. This innovative business management strategy allows you to make informed decisions based on real-time, verifiable data, rather than predictions or speculation. If you’re prepared to boost your company’s competitiveness in the marketplace and enhance the efficiency of your operations, Millennium is ready and waiting to provide the tools you need.