Change Management

With progressive improvements, cost reductions, and decreased system flaws…Lean Six Sigma has become an effective part of organizational change.

Once the Lean Six Sigma discipline has been implemented in your company and the key personnel are deployed and ready, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of streamlined organizational and managerial changes. Your company is now fully prepared to reduce cost, shorten lead times and reap the benefits of this groundbreaking business management strategy. Congratulations – you  are experiencing a lean transformation!

Lean Six Sigma is a sophisticated and efficient tool for solving business problems and driving excellence in your organization. Among the multiple benefits of this state-of-the-art business approach are breakthroughs in system improvements, cost savings and error reduction, all of which position your team to achieve greater customer satisfaction and improved production capacity. In keeping with the Millennium promise to you, we are on hand to offer continued support and guidance through our Change Management service.

At the core of successful Lean Six Sigma execution is a strong commitment from upper level management to embrace changes and work leaner. Once this has been established, our talented consultants guide you through the next vital stage in program effectiveness – the mindful and measured selection of Lean Six Sigma projects. Master black belts carefully supervise the appropriation phase to ensure that all projects are of realistic and manageable scope and size, so as not to unnecessarily drain your firm of excess resources.

As a successful organization is only as good as its people, the accurate selection of project team members is also a fundamental element in correctly managing the change process. Millennium advises you in the necessary balance of skill and level of involvement required from a team to maximize project returns and ensure effective mission accomplishment.
Above all, mentoring and training for Change Management is highly flexible according to your work schedules and organization policy. We deliver accessible training and application methodologies, with relevant examples and exercises designed especially with your company or organization in mind. Partner with Millennium to revolutionize your organization strategy and prepare today for the challenges of tomorrow.