Training and mentoring packages preparing your company to work lean.

At Millennium, we skilfully provide effective training and support for Lean Six Sigma disciplines. Leveraging our expertise in the Program Management arena, we apply a methodical approach that allows your employees to complete specific targets and review their performance at defined program milestones. Our highly skilled and extraordinarily dedicated Lean Six Sigma consultants are fully certified with the latest industry qualifications to offer consulting, training and mentoring packages that prepare your company for major organizational and managerial changes.

Recognized by Washington Technology’s Fast 50 – Fastest Growing Contractors 2010 – and awarded as one of America’s fastest growing private companies by Inc. 500, Millennium is a proven expert in the Lean Six Sigma space. We provide comprehensive and extensive training, from executive level and master black belt to yellow belt, introductory courses. We painstakingly tailor your training package especially for you based on the unique needs of your organization.

Millennium Lean Six Sigma application success stories abound from a wide variety of agencies in a diverse range of industries including defense, manufacturing, service, government, and healthcare.

Our years of experience have taught us that not all firms were created equal and no two businesses are alike, which is why we conduct a detailed and in-depth training needs assessment before we begin. Whether you require intensive in-house training of staff within your premises or the deployment of Millennium consultants to permanently oversee the administration of your system, Millennium has the right package for you.

Martial art titles are adopted to create a harmonized hierarchy within your firm. Master black belts act as team coaches, exclusively working towards the successful deployment and daily management of projects. Their critical role in the hierarchy is to provide guidance and mentoring to black, green and yellow belts. As well as performing key statistical functions and overseeing the consistent application of Lean Six Sigma across various functions and departments, master black belts are pivotal to the daily success of the application.

Although black belts perform a secondary role to the masters, their time and effort is unwaveringly dedicated to specific projects and tasks. These specially trained employees are primarily focused on project execution, whereas master black belts are tasked with prior identification and selection of projects and milestones. Green belts require a less extensive and labor intensive training plan, as they represent the personnel within your organization who absorb Lean Six Sigma practices along with their daily job responsibilities, operating under the continued guidance and support of black belt staff.

Lean Six Sigma is a revolutionary business strategy that must be fully integrated into your company’s corporate culture. To ensure that the application and its practices become an integral part of all your employees’ working methodologies (even those not directly involved in Lean Six Sigma application), Millennium utilizes additional yellow belt titles to impart basic training in Lean Six Sigma tools across your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can tailor the right training package for you.