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Come out to TECHEXPO’s Cyber Security Hiring Event and Stop By Our Booth!

Looking for a job in the cyber security space? Millennium will be hosting a booth at next week’s TECHEXPO Cyber Security Hiring Event on Thursday, April 30. The event will present a venue for some of the area’s top cyber engineering, technology and intelligence professionals to network and interact face to face with prospective companies. Be sure to stop by our booth to meet our team, pick up an autographed copy of our Director of Cybersecurity’s book - RTFM (Red Team Field Manual), test your skills, apply for open positions, and leave part of the Millennium family!

If interested in attending, please contact our recruiting lead, Natasha Wormley at Natasha.wormley@millgroupinc.com.

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Information Assurance

Information Assurance polices ensuring your critical assets are kept secure.

Your IT systems are without doubt some of your company’s most critical assets and it is vital that you employ adequate Information Assurance measures to protect them. The exposure of sensitive information and systems to common and unforeseen circumstances, such as criminal activity, natural disasters, or power outages, highlights the need for businesses to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their information systems.

Your company’s projects, marketing campaigns and daily operations rely on valuable data that represents a strategic resource in today’s competitive environment. To effectively manage your infrastructure and promote your services, you must be able to accurately analyze your data and uncover the key correlations that allow you to improve performance, decrease cost, and bolster incoming revenue.

Millennium deploys quality IT engineers with proven track records and industry leading experience to design and implement complete and secure data warehouses with customized data mining applications. Through our structured and disciplined Information Assurance procedures you can rest assured that your critical information is backed up and secure.

Keeping your information safe is of the utmost importance to Millennium and we have developed scalable solutions to aid in the identification of information technology risk and levels of exposure from the perspectives of both internal and external attackers.

Millennium has the in-house capability for conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and ethical hacking to test the regulatory compliance of your network or product. We can also help you with the development of a business continuity plan to keep your company online, through the extensive and comprehensive training of employees within your organization.