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Come out to TECHEXPO’s Cyber Security Hiring Event and Stop By Our Booth!

Looking for a job in the cyber security space? Millennium will be hosting a booth at next week’s TECHEXPO Cyber Security Hiring Event on Thursday, April 30. The event will present a venue for some of the area’s top cyber engineering, technology and intelligence professionals to network and interact face to face with prospective companies. Be sure to stop by our booth to meet our team, pick up an autographed copy of our Director of Cybersecurity’s book - RTFM (Red Team Field Manual), test your skills, apply for open positions, and leave part of the Millennium family!

If interested in attending, please contact our recruiting lead, Natasha Wormley at Natasha.wormley@millgroupinc.com.

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Cyber Security

Keeping your vital information secure is part of what we do best.

At Millennium we understand the importance of keeping our clients’ classified information secure. We are heavily invested in the wellbeing of your Cyber Security and employ all possible measures to ensure that your system is fully protected.

Threat Computer network operations (CNO)

  • Proven experience providing realistic threat computer network exploitation (CNE) and Computer network Attack (CNA) through the use of methodical and validated tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Traditional Pen-Testing

  • Experienced team capable of providing traditional pen-testing assessments needed to meet established DoD 8500 and NIST SP 800 mandates

Tailored Assessments

  • Extensive experience assessing custom and unique software packages and protocols to include: tactical platforms and protocols, SAP Enterprise Resource Programs, custom IPSEC/VPN implementations.

Detailed Open Source and Intel Analysis

  • Demonstrated experience with intelligence analysis to support the identification of threat as it pertains to customer systems. in-depth familiarity of the process required to identify a customer’s critical assets solely through open source research analysis.

Extensive CNO Testing of Army Systems

  • Warfighter Informational Network – Tactical
  • Distributed Common Ground System – Army
  • Joint Tactical Radio System
  • Apache Block 3
  • General Fund Enterprise Business System
  • Global Combat Support System – Army
  • Army Enterprise System Integration Program

Extensive CNO Support of Joint Exercises/Experiments

  • CyberFlag (USCYBERCOM)
  • Terminal Fury (USPACOM)
  • Talisman Saber (USPACOM)
  • Interoperability Test and Evaluation Capability(Navy/AF)
  • Virtual Secure Enclaves

Understanding the dangers you face on a daily basis and taking the time to better protect your organization is crucial in maintaining seamless operations. Millennium’s trained and experienced consultants help you to recognize the risks and implement the necessary procedures to combat them head on. This could be in the adoption of password and user protection software, online backup, secure external hosting or the installation of Millennium approved firewalls and scanning programs. As with all of our award-winning management and IT solutions, Millennium customizes our Cyber Security service especially for you.

Highly Credentialed and Capable Workforce