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Come out to TECHEXPO’s Cyber Security Hiring Event and Stop By Our Booth!

Looking for a job in the cyber security space? Millennium will be hosting a booth at next week’s TECHEXPO Cyber Security Hiring Event on Thursday, April 30. The event will present a venue for some of the area’s top cyber engineering, technology and intelligence professionals to network and interact face to face with prospective companies. Be sure to stop by our booth to meet our team, pick up an autographed copy of our Director of Cybersecurity’s book - RTFM (Red Team Field Manual), test your skills, apply for open positions, and leave part of the Millennium family!

If interested in attending, please contact our recruiting lead, Natasha Wormley at Natasha.wormley@millgroupinc.com.

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Network and Telecom Management

Millennium successfully maximizes clients’ system output through sophisticated Network and Telecom Management.

Efficient network systems require continuous supervision and administration. At Millennium we offer constant support and backup, and the additional option of permanent deployment of Millennium employees to work in-house alongside your company’s technical staff. From installing the necessary IT infrastructure for a new employee, to assuring continuous and unbroken support for your team, we have the resources to assist your organization in creating, optimizing, and managing the right IT environment to globally flow information throughout your organization.

The twenty-first century has experienced quantum leaps in technological developments, revolutionizing the way in which we manage our business interactions. Radical developments in IT applications and products have paved the way for a more decentralized, yet connected, style of working. Through the proliferation of smart phones and mobile devices, the mobile office has become a reality. Millennium staff not only manages your systems within your premises, but ensures that your remote employees have access to the tools they need to remain constantly connected.

With the emergence of technologies such as VoIP in the telecommunications space, Telecom and Network Management has grown ever more complex and sophisticated. Not only are telecom managers responsible for providing consistent quality in every call, they also confront the same security issues that confound data network administrators. In today’s fast paced and rapidly changing business environments, telecom managers face growing pressure to accomplish more with fewer resources. This is why more and more clients are turning to Millennium for their Network and Telecom Management solutions.

What’s more, to protect your system from ever-present security threats, we provide safe and cost-efficient solutions that host a suite of integrated telecom applications, safeguarding critical network resources from intruder attacks and abuse.

We have inside-out knowledge of all the parts, components, and best practices for coaxing maximum throughput, security and upgradability from your network. We provide Network and Telecom Management solutions for companies in a diverse range of industries, and Millennium is proud to have been recognized by some of the most prestigious names in the industry, including Inc 500, Washington Technology magazine’s Fast 50, and Diversity Business’s Top Business for 2010.