HR Solutions

HR Solution supports the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) ASA (M&RA) for the Management and Administrative Support Services (M&AS) Human Resource (HR) Lifecycle Business Improvement Services contract. The contract provides ASA (M&RA) with a well-rounded small business partners that strengthens the Program Office’s support services while also mirroring its internal culture.

Millennium’s objective is to provide centrally managed contracting support for the comprehensive range of HR services covered in the ASA (M&RA) mission. We are ready to provide ASA (M&RA) a variety of administrative support services for military and civilian personnel and their organizations.  These support services consist of providing support to general HR processes, facility management, organizational and data analysis and management, training, meeting support, record keeping, logistics, property management, marketing analysis, general administration tasks and incidental IT support.

Millennium is prepared to manage multiple, task orders using a synchronized team of companies.  We have implemented a robust and flexible organizational structure to support coordination, management, policy development, execution, and oversight across all the ASA (M&RA) areas.  We have chosen a PM, an Army officer, who has a vast experience in Human Resources Organizations for over 25 years.  He has designed an organizational structure to support ASA (M&RA) which is responsive and accountable in planning, executing, tracking and reporting to the leadership.  He has developed and implemented a proven HR management methodology. He has selected Team Members who are exclusively small businesses with the correct mix of skills.