Solutions to Enhance Security


At Millennium, we provide a full range of Cybersecurity Risk Management activities to protect IT and data from cyber threats and mitigate the impact of, respond to and recover from incidents. Cybersecurity is no longer the domain of the server room but requires an understanding of and participation by IT, security, budgeting, acquisition, law, privacy and human resources. From enterprise networks, to accounting platforms, one-of-a kind military networks and aircraft and network connected weapons systems and logistics supply chains, we provide holistic risk analysis and assessment. Our cybersecurity professionals have been trained by DoD and have honed their expertise emulating and battling adversaries like advanced, sophisticated nation-state cyber actors. We understand the aggressor.

How We Can Help

Our cyber operators are highly-trained and directly responsible for developing new offensive capability, planning missions, and technical execution of all offensive cyber assessments. We currently operate in 2 of the 9 DoD full-spectrum red teams certified and accredited by the NSA and USSTRATCOM providing Cyber OPFOR (Opposing Force) support and threat-based security assessments against operational networks across the global DoD information network. We work with each customer to evaluate the needs of the organization and provide a tailored strategy that addresses all organizational requirements.

Our range of Cybersecurity Full Spectrum Solutions include:

      Millennium offers a range of traditional cybersecurity solutions, providing a single source solution for any organization’s information security and Cybersecurity Risk Management.
      Our advanced cyber operations expertise powers the realistic cyber training we provide our customers. All Millennium cyber training is founded in realistic attack tactics and techniques found in open source, industry threat reports on nation state attributed adversaries. This training leverages the same methodology used by our DoD Red Team Operators and covers the same topics used to prepare them for emulating nation-state level cyber-attacks.
      Millennium’s experience in the cybersecurity space and expertise in Systems Engineering has resulted in development of advanced capabilities that enhance the solutions and services we offer. These capabilities are a by-product of our experience battling with and emulating the aggressor. Additionally, our development teams can provide customized solutions for customers with unique requirements and objectives.


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