WEB-logoThe Warrior Enabling Broad Sensors Services for the Night Vision Electronic Services Directorate (WEBS NVESD) operates within the Army’s Communications-Electronic Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) and the Army Material Command (AMC).  NVESD operates in Bowling Green, VA and Ft. Belvoir, VA.

WEBS NVESD develops sensor technologies to assist soldiers on the battlefield in adverse conditions. It specializes in Intelligence Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Targeting Acquisition, and Soldier Sensors.

Millennium is a part of a successful team with DCS as one of six prime contract vehicle holders.

WEBS NVESD requires:

  • The services to include support of rapid response requests for numerous potential technologies and specific programs to include spiral developmental improvements that have extremely specific requirements and require a high level of expertise
  • Rapid design, development, testing, training, deployment, operation and sustainment of prototype and advanced prototype technologies is required to meet strict deadlines and delivery schedules for various NVESD customers.
  • These technology areas include persistent surveillance systems, IED Detection systems, hyper and multi spectral detection systems and human signature exploitation, for research and development, systems engineering, technology demonstrations, modeling and simulation of systems, prototype fabrication (one to several hundred), field testing and data collection, facilities and equipment maintenance, engineering parts and materials, networking, and other technical and administrative support
  • Will require personnel with scientific, engineering, analytical, computer programming, manufacturing/pre-production, administrative, management, and various other technical skills; the ability to fabricate hardware and software prototypes; the ability to purchase specific existing technologies and equipment and the ability to integrate that equipment into various hardware and software prototypes
  • The ability to demonstrate new concepts
  • The expertise to perform computer modeling experiments
  • The capability for supporting diverse laboratory and field testing
  • Additional support in numerous technological areas

Our Point of Contact:

Christian Rush
Director, Army Sector