Accountability and Integrity from our Employees; Quality and Commitment to our Clients.

At Millennium, we believe our people are the most valuable asset to our firm and we are passionately focused on their continual growth and advancement. Without their expert knowledge, dedication and “hands-on” attitude, we wouldn’t be able to satisfy any client need, large or small. By adhering to industry best practices, applying leading edge technologies, and upholding a corporate culture based on innovation, flexibility, teamwork and collaboration, we pride ourselves on making Millennium an exceptional place to work.

Standing firm in our absolute determination in mission accomplishment, we extend the same loyalty that we expect from our employees to our clients. Our expert team of engineers can assist you regardless of project scope or complexity, including highly specialized and time sensitive assignments. We maintain an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that has helped steer Millennium towards the size and status that we enjoy today.

We don’t try to be the largest professional services company on the market, but we do intend to be the best. No one out there knows more than we do in the management solutions space and, over the years, we have diversifed our offering to include Cyber Security, Logistics and Lean Six Sigma training and consulting. Millennium offers you an agile, highly specialized and dependable team completely focused on your project. Results driven and people focused, at Millennium, we don’t just install superior systems, we solve your business problems.


To become a premier life cycle management support and professional services partner for government and industry customers.  We are committed to providing cost effective strategic solutions that combine the most effective engineering processes, information technology solutions and intellectual capital to ensure success.  We accomplish our mission while maintaining the highest integrity and ethics in all endeavors and providing an enriching, and rewarding environment for our valued employees.


To become an industry leader in life cycle management support and professional services recognized for our highly professional workforce and comprehensive strategic solutions.